The Concussion Fix Program

The Concussion Fix program is an online PCS support program for patients with persistent concussion symptoms. This program was developed by Dr. Cameron Marshall, Dr. Paul Hrkal, and a registered psychotherapist, Melinda Krynen-Hill.

The purpose of the Concussion Fix program is to be used as an adjunct to your care; a support tool. The program saves you time by teaching the patient about their condition and providing them with instructions on how to reduce anxiety, how to regulate autonomic function, how to improve their gut health, reduce anxiety, improve sleep, etc.

This video explains the new Concussion Fix Affiliate program which allows you to get your patients a 10% discount on the Concussion Fix program, but you also earn 20%. Wins all around!

You save time, earn money, and get your patients optimal outcomes.

Check out the video below and see how this can free you up to do what you do best – Treatment & Rehab!

How to register as an affiliate in the Concussion Fix program and earn money for referring new members to the program:

  1. Create an account at
  2. Set up your account details
  3. You’ll be given your own unique link
    1. Whenever someone uses that link to purchase the program and uses the promo code: “AFFILIATEDISCOUNT”, they will save 10% and you will earn 20%
  4. Add your link to the Concussion Fix Program Patient Handout and print off a stack to hand out to patients with PCS whom you feel could benefit from the program

Concussion Fix Program Patient Handout – Word
Concussion Fix Program Patient Handout – PDF