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A Membership Community of Over 10,000 Marketers and Founders.. Plus All the Checklists, Templates, and Trainings You Need To GET MARKETING DONE.

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  1. Create a scalable online offer without sacrificing your clients results

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  3. Achieve Freedom from your business/clients and spend more time to doing what you want!

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Impact Digital Marketing will help you every step of the way with their structure, guidelines & templates. We made back all of our money very quickly. This was by far the best decision for our business!
Chris Soll

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Kyle & Jay are intelligent, driven and very very good at what they do. When it comes to courses and course sales these guys really know their shit!
John Doe
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Meet Your Host

Kyle Reidhead

Co-Founder, Impact Courses & Impact Digital Marketing

Kyle is a serial entrepreneur in the education industry leading a healthcare training company to become an internationally recognized online training organization, generating +$1,000,000 in revenue/year. Kyle has also achieved his own success in course creation as a holistic health coach, helping 100’s of clients achieve better health and weight loss through automated courses, group coaching and subscription programs.

Kyle’s mission is to help the world become a healthier and happier place and he can achieve this best by empowering subject-matter experts who are making a positive impact on the world to reach and help exponentially more clients!


is this the same as other re:boots?

Short answer, no. Although the core principles remain the same, this exclusive online coaching combines the most impactful workshops in one comprehensive program. Most destination Re:Boot experiences only cover a fraction of what is offered in this program.

what is required to join?

After being accepted, the only requirements is to come with an open mind, a commitment to your growth, and have the time to complete the weekly homework and attend each week’s calls.

How big are the group sizes?

To maintain an intimate and safe environment, each group size will be between 8-10 people per cohort.

Will I have a chance to meet people in my cohort in-person?

There will be an option to join a cohort-exclusive reunion at the end of the course. Final timing and destination will be based on the group’s availability and location.

When and how long are the weekly coaching calls?

Weekly calls will be based on the cohort member’s availability. Each call will last 1-2 hours depending on the level of discussions and questions.

If the course isn't helpful, can I get my money back?

Absolutely. If you don’t believe the course is truly helpful after 14 days, I will give you a full refund. You must complete at least 2 lessons/group sessions to qualify for a refund.

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