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1) Concussion Management Course For
Physical Therapists

This is our flagship course and it's mainly focused on PT, DC, AT therapists!

Not only is this the most comprehensive and evidence-based concussion course I’ve ever taken, but it also provides the EXACT blueprint for how to handle ANY concussion patient. This was the missing link I needed!”

- Dave A, DPT & Clinic Owner

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2) Concussion Management Course For Cognitive Rehabilitation Professionals

This is our brand new course and it's solely focused on OT & SLP therapists!

The CCMI training program and structure is the missing link. It has provided me and my clinicians with great evidence-based support and a structured framework to provide our patients, athletes and community with the highest level of concussion care”

- Alex Fohr - PT, MAPA, CKTP​

*50% OFF – Until September 13th